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The ONLY program of its kind that teaches you how to consistently get your WordPress projects completed on time, within budget, with features that meet the client's business requirements without sacrificing profit.

It’s Time to STOP giving up your profit margin to scope creep, content delays, and difficult clients!

According to Caroline at  WordCamp Asheville…

What to expect...

The WP Project Manager’s Academy Premium membership includes 2 courses and is designed to give you the “Fast Track” to learning how to consistently get your WordPress projects completed on time, within budget, with the features that meet the client’s business requirements.

WordPress Project Management 101

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • 8 Learning Modules for Project Success
  • 16 Templates and Sample Language Downloads
  • How to Build Your Own Project Plans
  • Get Certified as a Level 1 WP Project Manager

The Complete PM Roadmap for WP

  • 12 Individual Roadmaps for Project Execution and Problem-Solving
  • 60+ Additional Done-For-You Processes and Templates
  • Done-For-You Project Plan
  • Get Certified as a Level 2 WP Project Manager
  • Additional Agency Management Lessons from Industry Experts
  • Ongoing, curated content regarding project and productivity management
  • 50% off all future purchases of other products we offer

This training will allow you to finally abandon your fear or loathing of what you believe project management entails, open your mind to a different way of doing business, and pave the path for you to integrate a set of highly effective project management best practices into your WordPress business in just a few short days or weeks.

"I want to thank you for such a wonderful client proposal questionnaire. I used it with a client and it was a huge time saver. They wanted me to come out in person but the questionnaire saved me the trip and the time."
Sean M. Atkinson
Majority Media New York, NY

Monthly Live Workshops

2023 Schedule

  • December 2022

    Continuous Improvement – The Only Road to Continued Success

  • January

    Understanding the Roadmap Work Breakdown Structure

  • February

    Phase 0 – Proposal Creation – Creating Estimates and Documents

  • March

    Phase 1 – Project Definition - Breaking the Job Down

  • April

    Phase 1 – Project Definition – From Sitemap to Content Specification

  • May

    Phase 1 – Project Definition – From Function to Styling and Branding

  • June

    Phase 2 – Design and Preparation – From Environment to Test Plans

  • July

    Phase 3 – Development and Testing – Implementing Test Plans

  • August

    Phase 4 – Deployment and Training – Getting the Final Payment

  • September

    Managing Project Closeout – Final Client Deliverables

  • October

    Establishing Recurring Revenue – It’s Not Just Care Plans Anymore

  • November

    Goal Setting for 2024

80+ Templates and Downloads

And more…

Our Premium Members Get Results!

"I pitched a rough order of magnitude to a client before Christmas on a project that is upwards of 40K, had a callback today they questioned why the initial estimate was vague.

I told them how we employ a 2 step proposal process and how you will need to pay for us to to an SoW and all of the points you taught.

After this explanation, they understood why we can't give a detailed Quote, but rather a ball park figure unless they engage us to dive deeper. They are happy to proceed with the SoW without a fixed price either."
Dustin Gray
"I wanted to tell you that in the end of February I finished my first website project following your roadmap for my first time, and I was soooooooo happy about it… it indeed marked a difference regarding everything… My timeline was accomplished, my client was very happy about the process, I felt for the first time since I do websites that I had the control over the project and not the other way round… And, on top of it, I used the web owner manual that you recommended from the admin guys and I sold the client a care plan, which I implemented thanks to Kristina’s advices on her basic course!!!!! I’m so happy that I found you :)"
Lupe Escoto
Web designer and marketing consultant - Spain

And it's not JUST Project Management!

Learn from Top Industry Experts on All Aspects of Agency Management

James Rose

Agency Productivity

Content Collection

Mike Killen

Selling and Pricing

Finding Your Niche

Adam Warner

Increasing Productivity by

Automating Maintenance

Hans and Donata

Privacy/Legal Policies

Recurring Revenue

Brad Morrison

Increasing productivity by

Outsourcing Maintenance

Nathan Ingram

Client Management


Matthew Rodela

Websites as a Service (WaaS)

Recurring Revenue

Kristina Romero

Care/Maintenance Plans

Recurring Revenue

Robert Jacobi



Tricia Clements

Google My Business

Citation Management

Vito Peleg

Client Feedback and

Communication Management

Cliff Almeida

Web Audits

Recurring Revenue

Lee Matthew Jackson

Continuous Improvement

Agency Transformation

Others coming soon…

But WAIT... There's more!

Get Certified!

Level 1 Certified Project Manager Badge

Complete the WordPress Project Management 101 Roadmap and the certification exam and get this badge for your agency website


Complete The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress and the other certification requirements and get this badge for your agency website

Prospective clients can click on these badges to find out what the certification signifies. Set yourself apart from your compettition with this social proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

The WP Project Manager’s Academy is designed for anyone responsible for ensuring that WordPress projects are completed on time, within budget, with features that meet the client’s business objectives.

Whether you’re a large agency or individual WordPress solution provider or somewhere in between, if you’re struggling with retaining your project profit margin due to scope creep, missed requirements, missed deadlines, difficult clients, or general productivity, you will find value in this program.

If you are a newly-formed agency or just beginning with freelancing, many of the concepts taught in the program will help you get started on the right foot.

PLEASE NOTE: While the program is mostly non-technical in nature, at least an intermediate technical expertise in WordPress is assumed. So, this program may not be right for those just learning to use WordPress.

While other programs designed to improve your WordPress-based business touch on aspects of project management, no other program focuses on, nor teaches, core project management principles and best practices. The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress is a project management framework intended to be customized based on your specific projects, customers, and the goals of your agency.

There is no easy answer here. It really just depends on how many lessons are in a particular Module or Roadmap and how much time you have available to go through the lessons. Most video lessons are under 15 minutes each. Most Roadmaps have 4-5 lessons each. Some have more. Then, you also have to calculate how much time you may spend trying out the processes I recommend.

As stated in our Terms of Service:

Subscription Products: We do not offer any full, partial, or pro-rated refunds on subscription products but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Other Products: The refund policy for any other products that may be offered on the site will be clearly stated on the purchase page and you will be asked to agree to the policy prior to completing your purchase.

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, you will retain access to The Complete Roadmap and other features of the Premium Membership until the end of the currently paid month. If you choose to re-join at a later time, you will be charged at the publicly published subscription rate at the time you elect to re-join.

Yes, to an extent. As an active, paid Premium Member of the WP Project Manager’s Academy, you may download and use the templates, tools, cheat sheets, and any other download available from the program for use in your own agency or practice for the benefit of your clients. You may NOT however copy, alter, repackage, sell, or otherwise use the materials for your own personal profit.

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