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Everything in the WordPress Project Management 101 Roadmap PLUS…


  • The Client Expectations Guide – for Change
  • Client Expectations Guide – for Content

Plan and Process Templates and Samples

  • Client Management Plan Template
  • Sample Content Collection Process – (internal)
  • Sample Content-First Approach – (client facing)
  • Sample Change Control Process – free template from main website
  • Sample Acceptance Management Plan – free template from main website
  • Risk Management Process Template
  • Issues Management Process Template
  • Client Training Plan Template
  • Sample Training Approach Statement

Project Document Templates and Samples

  • Language for WordPress Project Proposals
  • Sample WordPress Proposal
  • Functional/Technical Requirements Template
  • Plugins Descriptions Document Template
  • Content Specification Template
  • Style and Branding Specification Template
  • Statement of Work Template
  • Change Log Template
  • Issues Management Log Template
  • Risk Management Log Template

Checklists and Cheat Sheets

  • Estimating Best Practices Checklist
  • Proposal Best Practices Checklist
  • Proposal Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Initial Discovery Best Practices Checklist
  • Acceptance Criteria Cheat Sheet
  • Change Control (Scope Creep Elimination) Implementation Checklist
  • Agency Productivity Checklist