The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress - Curriculum

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Content Collection

Stop the content collection bottleneck by providing better project estimates and completely automating the content collection process.

Scope Creep Elimination

Kill scope creep by setting the proper client expectations, invoking a GOOD change control procedure, and using the “magic” change budget.

Client Acquisition

Learn from industry experts, unique ways to find clients, how to get clients, charge more, establish recurring revenue, and more…

Client Management

Improve client compliance by establishing  boundaries, setting proper expectations, and crafting the perfect contract.

Agency Productivity

Increase day-to-day agency efficiency by automating your business processes and applying productivity principles.

Risks/Issues Management

Craft a plan to effectively deal with issues and risks and solidify proper client expectations by establishing a mitigation plan early in the process.

The Proposal Roadmap

Learn what should and SHOULD NOT be in your proposal, how to automate the process, and apply best practices when presenting proposals to clients.

Discovery Roadmap

Get paid for the deep dive discovery activities, ensure you get ALL the requirements (the first time), and create a full website specification.

Validation/Testing Roadmap

Improve quality by using test plans and an automated method for receiving feedback on design and testing.

Continuous Improvement 

Get better at project management and productivity over time by adopting a continuous improvement process and best practices.

Client Training Roadmap

Reduce support requests by crafting an effective training plan, ensuring proper client training, and outsourcing when necessary. 

The Complete Roadmap Framework Manual

Download the Roadmap manual for later reference.

Inside the Premium Program

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  1. Lessons
    Preparing the Process
    Setting Proper Client Expectations Around Content
  2. Sample Internal Content Collection Process
  3. Sample Client-Facing Content-First Approach Description
  4. Client Expectations Guide (for Content)
  1. Lessons
  2. Why Estimate Content?
    Validating Pages with the Client
    Creating the Content Estimate
  2. Pre-Proposal Questionnaire Template (2020)
  3. Our ROM Estimating Spreadsheet
  1. Lessons
  2. Why Use Wireframes?
    Preparing to Create Wireframes with Elementor
    Creating Wireframes with Elementor
    How to Review Wireframes with the Client
  2. Instructions for installing our Elementor Wireframes Template
  3. Our Elementor Wireframes Template
  1. Lessons
  2. Why Clients Don’t Deliver Content On Time
  3. Content Snare Overview
  4. Setting Up Content Snare
  5. What the Content Snare Request Process Looks Like
  2. Content Snare Setup Checklist
  3. Reminder Schedule Worksheet
  4. Content Snare Field types Cheat Sheet
  1. Lessons
  2. 8 Tasks to Implementing Your Content Collection Process
  2. The Content Collection Roadmap Implementation Checklist
  1. Lessons
  2. Prevent Scope Creep by Embracing Change
  3. Create Your Change Control Documents 
  4. Change and Acceptance Management (2 P’s in a Pod)
  5. Educate the Client Regarding Change
  2. Agency Change Management Process
  3. Change Control Procedure Example
  4. Change Request Form Template
  5. Change Request Log Template
  6. Agency Acceptance Management Process
  7. Acceptance Procedure Example
  8. Deliverable Acceptance Form Template
  9. Project Acceptance Form Template
  10. Client Expectations Guide – for Change
  1. Lessons
  2. The Value of Templates
  3. Zapping the Change Control Form
  2. List of Academy Templates with Locations
  1. Lessons
  2. 4 Tasks to Implementing Your Change Control Processes
  2. Change Management – Implementation Checklist
  1. Lessons
  2. Selling Additional Services – with Mike Killen (Part 1)
  3. Selling Additional Services – with Mike Killen (Part 2)
  1. Lessons
  2. Blueprint to Agency Lead Generation – with Cliff Almeida
  3. How to Use Legal Compliance to Generate Leads – with Hans Skillrud
  1. Lessons
  2. Turnkey Websites – Websites as a Service – with Matt Rodela
  3. Local SEO, Google My Business, Citation Management – with Tricia Clements
  4. Care Plan Fundamentals – with Kristina Romero
  2. Turnkey Websites Tech Stack Checklist
  3. Care Plan Fundamentals Checklist
  1. Lessons
  2. The Importance of Positioning
  3. Building Fences Around Friendly Monsters
  4. How to Stop the Disappearing Client
  1. Download
  2. Client Management Plan Template
  1. Lessons
  2. Settng proper Client Expectations
  3. Elements of an Effective Contract
  4. Dealing with Difficult Clients
  5. The Client from Hell
  1. Lessons
  2. Agency Productivity Overview
  3. How to Work Less by Becoming a Zapier Wizard – with James Rose
  1. Download
  2. Agency Productivity Checklist
  1. Lessons
  2. Streamlining Website Maintenance – with Adam Warner
  3. Increasing Productivity with Outsourcing – with Brad Morrison
  1. Lessons
  2. Creating a Risk Management Plan
  3. Creating an Issues Management Plan
  2. Sample Risk Management Plan
  3. Sample Issues Management Plan
  1. Lessons
  2. Presenting Project Risk and Issues to the Client
  3. How to Identify Project Risks
  4. How to Determine Risk Mitigations
  5. Tracking and Managing Project Risk and Issues
  1. Download
  2. List of 10 Common Project Risks
  3. Risk Management Log Template
  4. Issues Management Log Template
  1. Lessons
  2. 1. Proposal Best Practices
  3. 2. Completing the Questionnaire for Triad Family Law
  2. Proposal Best Practices
  3. Initial Discovery Best Practices Checklist
  4. Pre-Proposal Questionnaire
  1. Lessons
  2. 1. Why the Pad is Bad and Other Estimating Best Practices
  3. 2. Estimating Demo – Triad Family Law
  2. Estimating Best Practices Checklist
  3. Roadmap Project Plan with Estimating Sheet
  1. Lessons
  2. 1. Presenting Your Proposal and Contract
  3. 2. Proposal Section Walkthrough
  4. 3. Proposal Walkthrough with Triad Family Law
  2. Proposal Pre-Flight Checklist
  3. Example Language for WordPress Proposals
  4. Sample Proposal for Triad Family Law
  1. Lessons
  2. Breaking the Deep Dive Into Its Components
  3. Preparing Your Deep Dive Templates
  1. Download
  2. Acceptance Criteria Checklist
  3. Deliverable Acceptance Form
  4. Project Cancellation form
  1. Lessons
  2. Design and Validate Layouts
  3. Create the Functional/Technical Requirements
  4. Refine Content Needs
  5. Create Branding and Style Specification
  6. Create and Present the Statement of Work
  7. Roadmap Wrap Up
  1. Download
  2. Functional/Technical Requirements Template
  3. Offline Content Specification
  4. Branding and Style Specification Template
  5. Statement of Work Template
  1. Lessons
  2. The Roadmap Client Feedback Process
  3. Improving Client Communications – Vito Peleg
  4. Using WPFeedback to Manage Client Input
  1. Download
  2. Agency Productivity Checklist
  1. Lessons
  2. Replacing Wireframes with Design and Content
  3. Using WP Feedback for Design Review and Input
  4. Creating Test Plans
  1. Lessons
  2. Building the Website Just Got Easier
  3. Performing Unit Testing
  4. Using WPFeedback for User Acceptance Testing
  1. Lessons
  2. Types of Continuous Improvement
  3. The 5 Continuous Improvement Principles You Need to Follow
  4. Did You Learn Your Lesson? – The Key to Process Improvement
  2. 5 Whys Worksheet
  3. 5 Principles of Continuous Improvement Printable
  4. Process Improvement Case Study
  1. Lessons
  2. Improving Your Client Base
  3. The Importance of Networking (and How to Do It)
  4. The 5 Stages of Agency Transformation
  5. It’s All About Community
  6. Resources for Continuous Learning
  1. Download
  2. Ideal Client Worksheet
  3. List of Influencers to Follow
  4. Simple Digital Agency Sales Funnel Infographic
  5. 4 Steps of Networking Printable
  6. Agency Transformation Worksheet
  7. Community Resource List
  8. Continuous Learning Resource List
  1. Lessons
  2. What Form of Training Should You Provide
  3. How to Design a Good Client Training Plan
  4. What to Do if You Flat-Out Suck at Training
  2. Sample Training Approach Statement
  4. Bonus Download – Education is Allowing People to Become Reliant on Themselves (by Mike Killen)
  6. Client Training Plan Template
  8. Bonus Download – White Labeled Video Training Comparison Chart 

Project Planning with AI – Module 3 Lessons list

module 3 lesson list

Project Planning with AI – Module 2 Lessons list

module 2 lesson list

Project Planning with AI – Module 1 Lessons list

module 1 lessons

Topic List for the April and May Workshops

April 2023 Workshop

Activity 3 – Create Functional/Technical Requirements                      

            1-3.1   Conduct Project Definition Meeting with Client

            1-3.2   Identify and Plan Plugins

            1-3.3   Define Functional Requirements

            1-3.4   Define Other Technical Requirements

            1-3.5   Create Draft of Functional/Technical Requirements

            1-3.6   Review Functional/Technical Requirements with Client

            1-3.7   Finalize Functional/Technical Requirements per Client Input

            1-3.8   Secure Client Acceptance for Functional/Technical Requirements

            1-3.9   Update Project Plan and Notebook

Activity 4 – Specify Styling and Branding                       

            1-4.1   Specify Branding and Style Elements

            1-4.2   Review Branding and Style with Client

            1-4.3   Update Branding and Style per Client Feedback

            1-4.4   Secure Client Acceptance on Branding and Style

            1-3.8   Update Project Plan and Notebook

May 2023 Workshop

Activity 5 – Create Final Statement of Work (SOW)

            1-5.1   Re-Estimate the Project

            1-5.2   Create Draft of SOW

            1-5.3   Conduct Draft SOW Walkthrough with Client

            1-5.4   Finalize SOW per Client Input

            1-5.5   Secure Clients “Go or No-Go” Decision

            1-5.6   Secure Client Acceptance of SOW

            1-5.7   Update Project Plan and Notebook

Curriculum for March Workshop 2023


            1-1.1   Secure Formal Client Acceptance of Site Map

            1-1.2   Select and Define WordPress Theme

Template: Theme Definition (new)

            1-1.3   Agree on Acceptance Criteria for Wireframes

Template: Sample Acceptance Criteria for Wireframes (new)

            1-1.4   Create Wireframes

            1-1.5   Review Wireframes with Client

            1-1.6   Update Wireframes from Client Feedback

            1-1.7   Secure Client Acceptance

Template: Deliverable Acceptance Form

            1-1.8   Update Project Plan and Notebook


            1-2.1   Update ROM Based on Activity 1-1

Template: Rough Order of Magnitude Spreadsheet Calculator

            1-2.2   Assign Project Plan Content Activities

            1-2.3   Re-Estimate Time and Costs

            1-2.4   Set up Client Reminders

Template: Sample reminder emails (new)

            1-2.5   Prepare Content Collection Mechanism/Repository

            1-2.6   Request Site Wide Content

            1-2.7   Request Individual Page and Post Content

            1-2.8   Request Product Content

            1-2.9   Request Gallery and/or Portfolio Content

Template: Content Request Emails (new)

            1-2.10 Hire 3rd Party (if applicable)

            1-2.11 Provide Instructions for Submitting Content

            1-2.12 Manage Content Collection Activities

            1-2.13 Update Project Plan and Notebook

            1-2.14 Re-Estimate Project (if applicable)

2023 Premium Workshop Schedule

February 21 – Phase 0 – Proposal Creation

March 21 – Phase 1 – Project Definition Part 1

April 18 – Phase 1 – Project Definition Part 2

May 16 – Phase 1 – Project Definition Part 3

June 20 – Phase 2 – Design and Preparation

July 18 – Phase 3 – Development and Testing

August 15 – Phase 4 – Deployment and Training

Sept 19 – Managing Project Closeout

October 17 – Establishing Recurring Revenue

November 21 – Goal Setting for 2024

Dec 19 – The Year in Review – Best Practices for 2024



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