WordPress Project Management 101 Curriculum

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Module 1 – Everything You Think You Know about PM

  1. Why You Need PM Skills in Today’s Exploding WP Market
  2. What is “WordPress” Project Management?
  3. The Project Manager Role on WP Projects
  4. The WP Project Team (Even if You Don’t Have One)

Module 2 – Project and Productivity Management – The Same Only Different

  1. Six Productivity Principles for WordPress Project Success
  2. Essential Project Management Processes and Assets for Your WordPress Business
  3. The Importance of The Project Notebook
  4. How Using a Content-First Development Approach Can Save Your ROI

Module 3 – The Customer Acquisition Phase

  1. It’s Not All About Websites
  2. The Most Effective Way to Sell WordPress Website Care Plans
  3. How to Find Your Niche

Module 4 – The Proposal Stage

  1. Proposal Best Practices You Shouldn’t Ignore
  2. Essential Proposal Sections (…That You’re Probably Leaving Out)
  3. How to Write Better WordPress Requirements

Module 5 – The Planning Stage

  1. Why the Quote is Really “God is in the Details!”
  2. How to Create a WordPress Project Plan
  3. Why You Should Use a Project Planning Tool – Or NOT
  4. When You Need a Gantt Chart
  5. How to Create a Comprehensive Website Spec

Module 6 – Managing and Monitoring WP Projects

  1. What to Monitor
  2. How to Monitor Your Projects
  3. Managing Clients and Communication
  4. Managing Critical Project Elements
  5. How to Always Come In On Time and Within Budget

Module 7 – Closing the Project

  1. Lessons Learned Don’t Count If You Don’t Write Them Down
  2. Final Client Deliverables
  3. The 1-2 Punch for Agency Survival in 2020 and Beyond

Module 8 – What’s Next?

  1. The 3 Most Critical Factors for Project Success – A Breakdown
  2. Decisions to Make Right Away
  3. The First Re-Usable Assets You Need to Create
  4. Things to Do As Soon as Possible
  5. What’s Inside The Complete Project Management Roadmap for WordPress

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Project Planning with AI – Module 3 Lessons list

module 3 lesson list

Project Planning with AI – Module 2 Lessons list

module 2 lesson list

Project Planning with AI – Module 1 Lessons list

module 1 lessons

Topic List for the April and May Workshops

April 2023 Workshop

Activity 3 – Create Functional/Technical Requirements                      

            1-3.1   Conduct Project Definition Meeting with Client

            1-3.2   Identify and Plan Plugins

            1-3.3   Define Functional Requirements

            1-3.4   Define Other Technical Requirements

            1-3.5   Create Draft of Functional/Technical Requirements

            1-3.6   Review Functional/Technical Requirements with Client

            1-3.7   Finalize Functional/Technical Requirements per Client Input

            1-3.8   Secure Client Acceptance for Functional/Technical Requirements

            1-3.9   Update Project Plan and Notebook

Activity 4 – Specify Styling and Branding                       

            1-4.1   Specify Branding and Style Elements

            1-4.2   Review Branding and Style with Client

            1-4.3   Update Branding and Style per Client Feedback

            1-4.4   Secure Client Acceptance on Branding and Style

            1-3.8   Update Project Plan and Notebook

May 2023 Workshop

Activity 5 – Create Final Statement of Work (SOW)

            1-5.1   Re-Estimate the Project

            1-5.2   Create Draft of SOW

            1-5.3   Conduct Draft SOW Walkthrough with Client

            1-5.4   Finalize SOW per Client Input

            1-5.5   Secure Clients “Go or No-Go” Decision

            1-5.6   Secure Client Acceptance of SOW

            1-5.7   Update Project Plan and Notebook

Curriculum for March Workshop 2023


            1-1.1   Secure Formal Client Acceptance of Site Map

            1-1.2   Select and Define WordPress Theme

Template: Theme Definition (new)

            1-1.3   Agree on Acceptance Criteria for Wireframes

Template: Sample Acceptance Criteria for Wireframes (new)

            1-1.4   Create Wireframes

            1-1.5   Review Wireframes with Client

            1-1.6   Update Wireframes from Client Feedback

            1-1.7   Secure Client Acceptance

Template: Deliverable Acceptance Form

            1-1.8   Update Project Plan and Notebook


            1-2.1   Update ROM Based on Activity 1-1

Template: Rough Order of Magnitude Spreadsheet Calculator

            1-2.2   Assign Project Plan Content Activities

            1-2.3   Re-Estimate Time and Costs

            1-2.4   Set up Client Reminders

Template: Sample reminder emails (new)

            1-2.5   Prepare Content Collection Mechanism/Repository

            1-2.6   Request Site Wide Content

            1-2.7   Request Individual Page and Post Content

            1-2.8   Request Product Content

            1-2.9   Request Gallery and/or Portfolio Content

Template: Content Request Emails (new)

            1-2.10 Hire 3rd Party (if applicable)

            1-2.11 Provide Instructions for Submitting Content

            1-2.12 Manage Content Collection Activities

            1-2.13 Update Project Plan and Notebook

            1-2.14 Re-Estimate Project (if applicable)

2023 Premium Workshop Schedule

February 21 – Phase 0 – Proposal Creation

March 21 – Phase 1 – Project Definition Part 1

April 18 – Phase 1 – Project Definition Part 2

May 16 – Phase 1 – Project Definition Part 3

June 20 – Phase 2 – Design and Preparation

July 18 – Phase 3 – Development and Testing

August 15 – Phase 4 – Deployment and Training

Sept 19 – Managing Project Closeout

October 17 – Establishing Recurring Revenue

November 21 – Goal Setting for 2024

Dec 19 – The Year in Review – Best Practices for 2024



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